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Date Night Easy Mode

In this video, I talk about three SUPER easy date night outfits that can be thrown together with items already found in most guys’ closets. I made this video because I want to make sure all of you, my fellow gaming enthusiasts, can take that girl or guy out on a date and feel cool and confident in your outfit. Your clothes play a HUGE part in first impressions, so make sure to power-up your style by rocking these date-night outfits! Thank you so much for watching!!

Outfit 1: Dark jeans, light t-shirt, lazer, and black loafers

Outfit 2: Tan or olive chinos, colorful button down, denim jacket, tan or white clean sneakers

Outfit 3: Dark chinos or jeans, grey or white sweater or button down, dark blazer, tan or brown dress boots

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