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Spring 2018 Fashion Trends

In this video, I talk about three hot fashion trends from the 1990’s that are re-emerging in Spring 2018. As someone who grew up in the 90’s I’m SUPER excited to now be able to wear these items as an adult. #tallmanstyletips #fashionforgamers

All three trends are inexpensive, colorful, and add a fun pop to your look. I guarantee you’ll get some heads turning your way if you start rotating these into your wardrobe. Power up your style this Spring, and thanks for watching!

**This is NOT a sponsored video, but here’s some of my favorite brands for the clothes I talked about!**

DOPE tracksuits:
Puma Track Jacket worn with Puma Track Pants
Adidas Track Jacket worn with Adidas Track Pants

HOT windbreakers:
Nike Windrunner
Adidas Anorak Jacket

FRESH denim jackets:

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