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5 Ways to Wear a Beanie

Happy New Year! To those of us living in the northern hemisphere that are experiencing winter temperatures: I’m sure like me you are also starting to incorporate (or have already been incorporating) warm headwear into your daily outfits. I’m sure you have a beanie somewhere in your home that you grab when it’s chilly out, and I’m sure that most times you just pull it onto your head and go about your day.

What I’m not sure about is if you know that there are other ways to wear your beanie. Did you know you don’t necessarily have to just grab it and pull it over your head? Did you know that you can mix style in with function and wear your beanie in a way that enhances your outfits?

Well in this video I go over 5 different ways to wear beanies this winter. Fashion meets function, and it’s always a fun time learning new ways to wear your favorite clothes and accessories.

Oh, and did I say Happy New Year already? 🙂

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