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How to Tie a “DS” Knot

What’s up everyone! So earlier in December I posted some pictures of some shoelace swaps I did of my Yeezy 350 sneakers. In one photo, I had my shoe tied with what is known as a “deadstock knot”, or “DS knot” for short. This is basically where you tie the laces in the way that they are delivered right from the factory.

Well, one person left a comment asking me how I tied the laces that way. Rather than attempt to type out all of the steps in a way that makes sense (which seems like an impossible task), made this SUPER quick video to show how to easily tie a DS knot without all the extra fluff that usually accompanies YouTube how-to videos.

What better video to add to the Debonaire Gamer community archive! Here’s the video in all its glory 🙂

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