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The Best Clothing Fabrics for Winter

Hi y’all! I hate the cold, so I always look for smarter ways to stay warm while without sacrificing style points. Choosing to wear the BEST fabrics for winter months is a huge part of that strategy.

You too can stay super warm this winter! In this video I go over my top 3 FAVORITE fabrics to wear during the COLD and wet winter months!

Thank you for watching! Good game! And remember – gamers can look dope too!

—3rd place: Nylon—
This synthetic fabric is great for protecting you against wind, and more importantly, water. Nylon provides water resistance to fabrics that it is woven into, and can actually create a completely waterproof layer if the garment has a 100% nylon layer. Typical nylon garments include things like those “swishy” jumpsuits, windbreakers, winter coats, and snow pants. The only major downside of nylon is that it usually is not breathable, so you can find yourself feeling sweaty and clammy inside of a nylon outfit.

—2nd place: Polyester—
This is another synthetic fabric that resists wind, but is best suited for trapping heat. It is great because even while wet it will help your clothes retain heat, and so it is commonly woven into thin garments such as athletic wear like the UnderArmor ColdGear compression pieces. Other common uses of polyester are polyester-cotton blends in some men’s dress shirts, and as a thermal-reflective (reflect your own body heat back at you) inner lining inside of winter jackets.

—1st place: Wool—
This is a natural material that is created by harvesting the hair of animals like sheep or alpacas and then spinning it into a fabric. Wool is probably the most versatile fabric among these three winter fabrics, as it not only traps heat, but it does so while wet, and it’s still soft and pliable enough to turn into garments such as socks, underwear, and hats. Wool is great because it remains breathable while keeping you warm, plus it’s naturally flame-resistant, which is great if you plan on spending time in a wool coat while outside camping, hanging out around a bonfire, or even if you are just in a wool sweater in front of a fireplace. Other common uses for wool include wool topcoats, wool scarves, and wool mittens and gloves.

I encourage you to look at the tags of some of your favorite winter-wardrobe clothes – you’ll probably be surprised at how many of them are made up of some percentage of polyester, nylon, or wool. It’s great how we as humans have been able to create these complex fabrics that look great AND keep us warm and comfortable. As Heimerdinger from League of Legends would say – “Ah, the sweet smell of science!”

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