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Laced Up

TL;DR: Laced Up is an Android app I created that lets you catalog your sneaker collection on your phone or tablet so that you will always have your sneakers at your fingertips.

Laced Up is the app for you if you:

  • Love collecting sneakers
  • Like taking photos of your sneakers
  • Find satisfaction in keeping your sneaker collection neat and organized
  • Want to keep your collection with you wherever you go

Laced Up lets you:

  • Add and track information about all of your sneakers
  • Enter your sneaker’s info without scanning a barcode or searching online
  • Upload or take a new picture for each of your sneakers
  • Sort and filter your collection by brand, color, style, or sneaker type
  • Track your newest and oldest sneakers
  • See how much you’ve spent on your collection
  • See what your favorite style, color, and sneaker brands from your collection are

Get the app right now on the Google Play Store!