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What’s up! Thank you so much for stopping by! Since you’re here, that means you are thinking about learning how to become a more stylish and fashionable version of yourself. I’m super happy you decided to go on this style quest with ME and use the information I’ve learned through trial and error and research over the last 13 years.

Level 1

If you’re ready to begin upgrading your life by powering up your style so that you feel more confident and fashionable in your clothes, start by signing up here to begin receiving FREE Debonaire Gamer style e-guides. Once you read through the initial guide, “How to be a Debonaire Gamer” and learn the seven core fundamentals to powering-up your style, you’re ready to head to Level 2.

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Level 2

Now that you know the basis for dressing better and upgrading your wardrobe, it’s time to get deeper into the details. Check out the videos and articles over on the Fashion x Gaming page to get topic-specific information that will help you start filling in any fashion knowledge gaps you might have. I also recommend subscribing to the Debonaire Gamer YouTube channel, Instagram page, and Twitter feed so that you stay up to date with brand new style, fashion, and gaming content as it comes out (I post new content on those platforms before I post here).

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Level 3

If you are ready to learn the most in-depth style power-ups and fashion tips or if you want to just pick my brain, Contact Me to book a 30 minute style consultation! In this 30 minute session we will meet over Skype or Discord and can discuss a range of topics, time allowing, such as:

  1. General wardrobe consultation
  2. Current outfit breakdown
  3. Creating a personal shopping list
  4. Insight into a specific brand
  5. “What do I wear to X?”
  6. Style tips for tall and skinny dudes
  7. And many more!

Just send a message with “Style Consultation Request” in the comment box, along with any other relevant details about what you want to talk about, and I will reply with scheduling and a price quote.

Level 4

Once you are well on your way to powering up your style, I would love to hear from you and see the results of your fashion journey. Please Contact Me, email me, or DM me on Twitter, or on Instagram with pictures, stories, etc. and I would love to share your success stories with others to show how awesome you look in your clothes!

Final Level

Now that have the basic strategy to power-up your style, get out there and max out those style stats! I’ll see you next time, so until then – Good Game!